Value is not a reality of price alone but the perception of benefit over price. Perception in itself can be the clear communication of reality or the addition of emotional attributes that ultimately constitute brand value.



For a retailer like Hackett in a competitive swell of quality menswear brands using every available tool to enhance the value of the brand heritage, leveraging every luxury thread to add value and quality, working with every breath of quiet customer care is an essential to converting every precious customer into a loyal and regular devotee.

The Hackett process of presenting and packaging the personalisation of its suit selection leaves none of these essential stones unturned from the quality and clarity of its customisation cards to the mouth-watering display of monograms and associated design detailing. The process includes the reverent reflection of button materials, shapes, stitching and situations, to the appropriate addition of a veritable feast of collars and cuffs for the etiquette of every social occasion.

And this checklist for cheques, pin-stripes and plain plaid tailoring takes place not only in the privacy of an appropriately secluded space but also atop a plinth of privilege surrounded by mirrors and admirers perfecting every inch of attire.

Beauty in the eye of the beholder created with a synchronicity of style, service and setting. Hackett packing a commercial punch above its competitive weight.

Hackett-Packing-Retail-Punch-Beautiful-Buttons Hackett-Packing-Retail-Punch-Podium-Finish Hackett-Packing-Retail-Punch-Customised-Collars


The high streets are changing from “a world of selling into a world of telling” as brands and retailers maximise the conversion of precious customers through the telling of their individual stories to gain essential awareness in highly competitive markets.

Should you be telling more about the added-value attributes of your brand?

Is your customer experience up to the task in terms of setting & service?


Let VM-unleashed help you realise your new horizons…we have experience in helping you define your commercial strategies as well as delivering physical brand experiences.