Invention may be born from necessity but inspiration and originality comes from the addition of a commercial heart. In the rarefied atmosphere of true originality there are few names to pollute the pure air of brands such as Toms selling products to improve the world with every purchase.



Its new stores are not only presenting a collection of clothing, footwear and accessories, or even the newly introduced coffee shop corners, but an ongoing story of philanthropy where every ring of the cash register is music to the ears of millions of the worlds more needy inhabitants.

The original idea that sparked this feel-good phenomena, the One for One footwear, is still proudly prominent in the stores communicating the ever-growing scale of its contribution and populated by an ever-expanding assortment of shoe styles, categories and designs.

However the store space is now full of an impressive array of stories where specific products link to the essential needs of the world’s populations, glasses helping to improve the sight of thousands, bags ensuring safe births in desperate circumstances, every coffee contributing to clean, healthy water as well as a variety of initiatives supporting the cultural and commercial development of creative crafts across the continents.

These stories are told beautifully and powerfully in store through a variety of traditional and technological media. Maps and murals adorn the walls putting stories into geographical context, dynamic screens record the social buzz and personal contributions of thousands whilst videos herald the heart-warming successes of transformed lives.

And through it all on tickets and signage, written 3 inches high around the globe, Toms “One-for-One”love affair with its loyal customers, its sustainable suppliers and its growing band of beneficiaries.


toms-one-for-one-love-windows-to-a-brighter-future toms-one-for-one-love-mapping-out-success toms-one-for-one-love-message-to-the-world


The high streets are changing from “a world of selling into a world of telling” as brands and retailers maximise the conversion of precious customers through the telling of their individual stories to gain essential awareness in highly competitive markets.

Is your customer experience up to the task of telling your story?

Are you missing the point when it comes to a feel-good factor for your brand?


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