‘The Complete Retail Entrepreneur’ series of professional eLearning courses.

The flexibility for you to learn and evolve at your own pace, working alongside your current work, and career commitments.

Experience immediate improvements to your professional impact, plaudits from your employers and colleagues, as well as providing the catalyst to furthering your own personal retail ambitions.

Identify what essential means for your business, and how, where, and when, to deliver it consistently to the customer, and you will gain a decisive competitive advantage in today’s saturated markets.

Make yourself into a valuable retail leader, who can build the most profitable customer relationships by evolving virtuous cycles of appealing product ranges & additional services.

Transform yourself into the leader of a modern retail business who can deliver and nurture the most profitable combinations of people, products and processes.

Learn how to deliver the essential balance of traditional skills such as buying & merchandising, with the integration of new technologies, social marketing, and the adoption of a digital-first mind-set.

Course 5-7 arriving during 2024

Every student will produce and take away a Personal Development Plan, Business Strategy Plan, or 5-Star Action Plan.

Watch & listen to Tim Radley as he explains & guides you through every video tutorial, every step of the brainstorming exercises, and guides you through the processes to create your unique action plans.

Download as many specifically designed template pages as you need to record your brainstorming ideas, organise your strategic ideas, & create your action plans.

Learn from best practice retailers and brands, and understand how to benchmark your competitors at every stage, as you develop your action plans.

‘The Complete Retail Entrepreneur’ courses begin with self-assessment exercises, to analyse your personal & business progress, and to identify course opportunities.

Every chapter concludes with a series of revision questions to help you identify what you understand, and what you might need to look at again.

Everyone who completes and fulfills the course requirements, and gains 100% in the revision questions, gets a personalised graduation certificate from the school of retail eLearning.


Are you ready to make the right decisions, and to grow into a successful retail professional?

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