The cyclical supply chain is a fully integrated model, where functions and processes work together to ensure that new products are produced, and existing products reused, in a commercial and sustainable way.

On the one side, materials used to make products are sourced and developed to be recyclable and recycled. On the other side, existing products are repaired and refreshed for re-use and rental, re-created to make new products for re-sale.

The participation of the retailer, suppliers, producers, recyclers, renovators, and customers is guaranteed and founded on trust, mutual respect, mutual commercial gain and the ethics of sustainability .

The awareness and considerations about the product lifecycle must now be extended forwards to the customer purchase, their relationship with the product, and its disposal. The retail lifecycle must evolve into the product lifecycle.

The solution is to make more use, and more uses, of what the customer buys. To turn away from the throwaway, to embrace and enjoy possessions. The terminology needs to move on from possessions to investments, squeezing every hour of use, enjoyment, and value from them.

The motives are flexibility of lifestyle, the ability to change without financial commitment, convenience on every occasion, and the opportunity to use in volume, just not the same things by the same person. Our experience of variety is greater, but our possession of volume is much less.

Vintage shops display fusion sweatshirts, gym tops and shorts created from distressed sportswear and popular denim brands. Individual products generating attractive prices, combining quality fabrics with fresh creativity. Vintage branding brought back to the streets. Sustainable processes and extended lifecycles, free marketing, and influencer endorsements.

The culture from decades past, to extend a products lifecycle is being embraced and enjoyed. In this lifecycle within a lifecycle, the loyal customer becomes the producer and the retailer as well as the customer. All for the glory of the brand, the promotion of the product and for sustainability.

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