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Training & courses for retail teams & individuals

At the heart of great retailing, are amazing people. I’ve developed a variety of training methods and unique course content both to develop teams and to grow individuals. Bespoke interactive workshops create the perfect environment for client teams to listen & learn, to discuss and develop new and better ways to work together. Personalised one-to-one mentoring combines seminars with remote eLearning allowing retail executives to grow at their own pace. eLearning modules offer a remote solution for training both teams & individuals, as exclusive courses or combined with workshops & mentoring.

So, what do you need to understand?
And who needs to understand it?

Learn more about eLearning courses

Learn more about Bespoke interactive workshops

Learn more about Personalised one-to-one mentoring

Learn how to be an informed, free-thinking, inspirational 21st century retailer.

It is more difficult now, than ever before, to stay abreast and ahead of retail best practice. Retail strategies, models and processes are dynamic and disruptive. Traditional retail business hierarchies, and learning through long-term experience do not work anymore.

Learn from 25 years of Tim Radley’s experience as he explains current retail trends & insights and inspires with new & original perspectives on how to be a commercially successful modern retailer, with both meaning and method.

Understand key consumer and social trends in our saturated retail markets and learn awareness and skills to enable you to thrive in this new landscape.

Gain attributes & qualities that can propel you in your professional retail career, identifying opportunities and exploiting them, for personal and business success.

Listen to this extract from ‘The Complete Retail Entrepreneur.’ eLearning course. Tim Radley explains why responding to supply & demand should define your strategic and operational priorities. Launching soon in the Autumn of 2023.

Retailers of any background & experience can now quickly & flexibly acquire the knowledge and insights required to become attractive and sought after leaders in today’s retail world

  • Starting your career in retailing
  • Starting a new role in a retail sector or category not familiar to you.
  • Promoted and needing to improve or update your knowledge and awareness
  • Managing an important new project
  • Becoming a ‘Retail Entrepreneur’ starting your own retail business
  • Finding yourself as an ‘accidental retailer’ where selling goods and managing retail issues are unfamiliar
  • Challenged as an established retail executive, struggling to keep up with the latest retail trends and thinking
  • Not enough time to know everything you need to in your busy retail role
  • Looking for a business or personal catalyst for change

Fully flexible retail training

Bespoke & personalised retail training and support lasting from a few days to many months. The support you need and for as long as you need it, and as frequently as you can to manage it.

  • ‘Future of Retail’ presentations
  • Business diagnostic workshops
  • Interactive learning workshops
  • ‘Brainstorming’ sessions
  • Focus groups & interviews
  • Best practice analysis and profiles
  • Market analysis & reporting
  • Latest news & thinking
  • Study tours – real & virtual
  • Conversations & presentations

Every training program is created and delivered to each client’s individual needs and requests.

The scope, timing, resources and process is agreed after an initial discussion process.

To have that first discussion, email me at

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