‘Evolve & grow as informed and free-thinking 21st century retailers’

Together we build a pathway, and populate it with knowledge & tools.

Bespoke workshops, personalised training, eLearning courses & event speaking.

  • Starting a career in retailing
  • Starting a new & unfamiliar role in the retail sector
  • An internal move to a new department or retail category
  • Promoted and needing to improve or update retail knowledge
  • Managing an important new retail project
  • Part of a new initiative & internal team
  • Working with a new external collaborator
  • Diversifying into unfamiliar categories & sectors
  • Diversifying into new channels and customer touchpoints
  • Managing or coping with structural organisational changes
  • Changing processes & mind-sets to be a digital-first retailer
  • Part of a new customer-centric business culture
  • An established retail executive struggling to keep up with the latest retail thinking
  • A time-starved retail executive with not enough time to know everything
  • A CEO looking for a catalyst for business or personal growth
  • Finding yourself starting your own retail business
  • Finding yourself as an ‘accidental retailer’ where selling goods and managing retail issues are unfamiliar

Bespoke Workshops

When was the last time you had your most influential, innovative and knowledgeable colleagues together in the same room?

We deliver workshops to be a catalyst for meaningful change.

We create and manage the content, scheduling, and exercises to ensure you get the most valuable outputs possible.

eLearning courses & training from RETAILMEANING helps you to make the right decisions, and take the right actions, for you and your business.

Personalised Training

When was the last time you trained the most important person in your business – yourself?

For the ‘lonely leaders at the top’ it is often a more intimate approach that is required.

Personalised one-to-one mentoring combines face-to-face seminars & personal workshops with remote eLearning allowing retail executives to grow at their own pace.

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