My ‘even bigger & more exciting’ collaboration with the London College of Fashion 2023

Pleased to announce that I’m working with the London College of Fashion once more this Autumn, as part of their Collaborative Challenge Industry Partner Programme.

After last years successes, this year we will be working with more MA Fashion students, and more of the inspirational LCF alumni, as they take their exciting new brands and designs into the real world.

The fashion industry is more exciting and dynamic than ever. However, it is also more complex than ever. Whilst it has never been easier to be a retail brand, it has probably never been as difficult to succeed.

LCF students entering this world, across a wide range of disciplines, now need to be fully prepared and be able to collaborate and integrate with a variety of internal teams and external partners.

With this in mind, we have prepared a course project that both encourages students to excel and contribute their chosen specialist disciplines, whilst also learning how to work as part of a creative and commercial team, alongside their colleagues.

Their challenge is to transform one of the LCF alumni fashion brands into a physical customer proposition and retail space. To work seamlessly and efficiently from brand inception to customer delivery.

•             Brand Partner Selection

•             Brand Creativity & Communication

•             Assortment Curation

•             Customer Definition & ‘shop’ selling strategy

•             Physical shop location strategy

•             Physical and/or Digital Shop Design

•             Marketing & Publicity

I’m so looking forward, once again, to seeing the creativity and ideas of students from such a diverse range of courses – fashion journalism, fashion film & digital production, strategic fashion marketing, fashion photography, global fashion retail, menswear, womenswear, fashion design and performance, artefact, footwear, fashion futures, fashion curation, fashion design management and psychology for fashion.

And I’m very excited to met the alumni. I promise you they are astounding. I look forwards to introducing them over the coming months. Watch this space…

It certainly promises to be a very stimulating few months, for the students, the lecturers, and for myself. Can’t wait to see their endeavors come to fruition.

I totally believe that this collaboration, once again, will help them to understand the many facets of the modern retail world and prepare them for exciting careers in the new commercial landscape.

On with the show…

‘Meaning in the Retail Madness’
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‘Meaning in the Retail Madness’ explains how touchpoints have replaced channels, how linear supply chains will become circular, why assortments are increasingly virtual, how physical is turning to local, and why products and shops are not necessarily made for each other anymore.

It supplies a blueprint for retail’s new ‘agile organisation,’ its structure and its processes. How retail must integrate people with technology, generate commercial sales through sustainability, stimulate customer loyalty through ethical behaviour, and achieve profit without profiteering.

This book is an essential must have. A life time of experience packaged in a clear, simple and methodical way.

Many publications about this subject tend to be whimsical speculation, but founded on front-line experience this book collates relevant/current case studies and pairs them with simple action plans and guidelines.

Jolyon. Brand Strategy Director & co-founder of BlendUs

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A really insightful book, the author clearly shows that you can be ethical, sustainable, and still make money as a retailer

Sarah Roberts

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