‘What is the final competitive advantage for retailers?’

Listen to Tim Radley explain…
‘What is the final competitive advantage for retailers?’

Key learnings:

  1. Appreciate that competitive advantages have been built on incremental operational improvements, but these are short-lived and increasingly rare.
  2. Understand that on the saturated, expert, level-playing field of retail, brand differentiation, and competitive advantage can only be built on AUTHENTICITY
  3. Learn that retailers must be honest and genuine. There is no longer anywhere to hide, when the customer can see and listen to everyone’s feedback everywhere.
  4. See that a business must be honest with everyone from customers to colleagues. In that way the authenticity can then come from everyone from customers to colleagues.
  5. Understand that TRANSPARENCY is key, and often more important than the reality as long as reality shows that a brand is improving, and has the customer at its heart


Professional e-learning courses designed to provide real-time expertise across a range of retail specialisations, strategy, management and operations.

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Course modules:

0101 What makes an essential retailer?

How to make yourself essential to customers…

0102 Creating customer relationships.

How to build your brand proposition & loyalty…

0103 Your retail evolution curve.

How to plan your road to retail success…

0104 Building retail functionality.

How to become a great retailer…

0105 Personal destination retailers.

How to create customer communities…

0106 Maximising ‘Scale of economies.’

How to sell more to your customer community…

0107 Building ‘Commercial Authenticity’

How to achieve the next competitive advantage…

R E T A I L M E A N I N G eLearning will be launching very soon, in the Summer of 2023.

Please contact me to show your interest, or ask any questions…

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