Is eBay and its ‘Luxury Exchange’ the new face of sustainable ownership?

Is eBay and its ‘Luxury Exchange’ the new face of sustainable ownership? The recent initiative from eBay only to promote re-sell products for Black Friday has re-established the brand as a genuine and very significant player in the world of sustainable retailing. A market that is set to grow rapidly as a hybrid of reselling, upselling, recycling, and rental. The common thread is the principle of buying less and using-

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Discover a ‘Five-Star Christmas: “Meaning in the Retail Madness”

“An excellent read *****” “Valuable reference for anyone in retail *****” “This book is more relevant now than ever! *****” ‘Meaning in the Retail Madness’ explains how touchpoints have replaced channels, how linear supply chains will become circular, why assortments are increasingly virtual, how physical is turning to local, and why products and shops are not necessarily made for each other anymore. It supplies a blueprint for retail’s new ‘agile-

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My exciting collaboration with the London College of Fashion

Pleased to announce that I’m working with the London College of Fashion this Autumn, as part of their Collaborative Challenge Industry Partner Programme. The fashion industry is more exciting and dynamic than ever. Students entering this world, across a wide range of disciplines, now need to be fully prepared and be able to collaborate and integrate with a variety of internal teams and external partners. With this in mind, we-

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TK Maxx, making every customer’s visit into their luckiest day!

TK Maxx, making every customer’s visit into their luckiest day! The best brands make extraordinary things very simple. And the clever use of visual merchandising does not need to be complex or sophisticated to define a brand and create unique experiences. I’ve been involved recently in the research for the Channel 5 documentary about TK Maxx. The interview with one of the producers made me distill why the shopping experience-

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Judging begins for the VMRD Retail Design Awards 2022

It is that exciting time of year again, to begin judging the entrants for the 2022 VMRD Retail Design Awards. From experience as an awards presenter, I know that the ceremony itself is a great spectacle and a place of high excitement and emotion. These awards mean a lot in the retail industry in Asia and beyond. It is quite an accolade. However I have to say that I also-

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Fossilisation: A Personal Investment

Far from remaining in the history of time, Fossil’s latest incarnation inhabits the modern world of customisation and personalisation, with new products, new services and a whole new store with a clear focus on the “his” & “hers.” An investment in individual identity.   Most noticeable in the latest concept is the introduction of the “Personalisation Shop” offering instant satisfaction on a range of services from accessories embossing, monograms, engraving,-

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Watch & Wonder: Selfridges Serves up an Apple Experience

Time is money and when it comes to Apple that money and revenue can be sizable, so speed to market and proximity to the pockets of its patrons is an essential element to retrieving its return on investment.   In a collaboration of near colossal proportions Apple has taken chronological control of all of Selfridges’ windows on London’s Oxford Street to present a breathtaking, time making, statement of market intent.-

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Gyroscopical; Chronological; Cosmonautical: Brilliant Breitling


Time waits for no-one

…and Breitling have wasted no time at all in propelling itself to the forefront of watch design and manufacturing par excellence. Every face tells a story and Breitling communicates every story with style, with integrity and with a precision that complements the design of its watches perfectly.

The new store environment brilliantly combines the precious, authority of the watch displays with powerful store graphics, cartoons reminiscent of the halcien days of aeronautical development. Add to this the beautifully designed fixtures again drawing from the brands aeronautical and engineering heritage and the store is picture perfect, a ticking timepiece of creativity and design excellence.

breitling-display breitling-exterior breitling-graphics


Fossil Fuelled: Timed for Evolution

Time stands still for no retailer, and Fossil takes it upon itself to look to the future with an evolutionary new store concept which draws on the strength of its heritage whilst looking decisively to the future.



The focal wall is a picture perfect example of this, setting a showcase HD video screen against a sea of classic fossil tins making a massive statement of authority and heritage. Out of the tin and into the future, the store showcases its timeless timepieces in individual cabinets, adding value and luxury from leather straps to personalised pieces and mercurial mechanisms.

The luxury is layered onto its classic casual culture with handbags and leather goods taking a prominent position in a setting not out of place nor out of time with a Selfridges or a Coach. Glass case corridors create a museum landscape, but the modern music ensures this concept is no Natural History.

fossil-fuelled-tower-of-tins fossil-fuelled-classic-ceremony fossil-fuelled-leather-lined

Future Facing. Watch this space!