Judging begins for the VMRD Retail Design Awards 2022

It is that exciting time of year again, to begin judging the entrants for the 2022 VMRD Retail Design Awards. From experience as an awards presenter, I know that the ceremony itself is a great spectacle and a place of high excitement and emotion. These awards mean a lot in the retail industry in Asia and beyond. It is quite an accolade. However I have to say that I also-

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“Working with the Cottage Customer“ – Re-commerce & the Circular Economy

Tim Radley:“Re-commerce & the Circular Economy”The World Consumer Goods & Retail Forum 2022 23rd – 24th June 2022Amsterdam, Netherlands The re-commerce model, also known as the circular economy, has become an important strategy for many retail verticals, especially as physical retail continues to lose its footing. But it’s not without its challenges.In this session, Tim Radley will explore how the disruptors are seeing success and the common pitfalls to avoid-

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Zara: moving stylishly from linear to lateral processes

Zara: moving stylishly from linear to lateral processes Linear processes push product through the system and into shops. They make money from buying & supply efficiency. Lateral processes consider at every stage the qualitative attributes of the product. They enhance and add-value to the assortment. They make money from selling. From selling more, and selling better. Zara at its inception, disrupted the balance of linear and lateral processes in its-

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Converse Relationship: Clever Footwork to Customer Loyalty

As part of VM-unleashed’s 10th anniversary year we take a look back at some retail milestones from the last decade and explain why each store’s message is as relevant for us today as it was then. Converse flagship store, New York City “Converse know who they are! The key to brand success in 2013 is the commercial and emotional maximisation of the brand personality. Converse is the best example of-

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Toms “One-for-One” Love: Fashionable Philanthropy

Invention may be born from necessity but inspiration and originality comes from the addition of a commercial heart. In the rarefied atmosphere of true originality there are few names to pollute the pure air of brands such as Toms selling products to improve the world with every purchase.   Its new stores are not only presenting a collection of clothing, footwear and accessories, or even the newly introduced coffee shop-

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Hunter Gatherer: More than Just a Rainy Day

A perennial problem for any noteworthy brand with a reputation built on an icon is the development of a wider commercial proposition away from the sanctuary of its established safe-haven.   Hunter rules the rainy roost for premium Wellington boot buyers and is currently circumnavigating the choppy waters of expansion developing an assortment for the wider world of inclement conditions, encompassing everything from jackets and jumpers to a full range-

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Irregular Heartbeat: The Life & Soul of Footwear



In the heart of Carnaby Street, at the centre of Soho is a footwear store that embodies and embraces the entrepreneurial spirit and ethos of excitement of the area like no other.

Irregular Choice will set the pulse racing of anyone on the prowl for individual and exciting footwear. 600 footwear ideas a year come from the creative mind of Dan Sullivan the inspiration and energy behind the brand.

The store embraces this individuality and breaks away from the blandness and banality of many footwear retailers, as sequined walls, iconic graphics, bold prints and patterned places create the perfect setting for ones mans vision of what fashion footwear should be.

irregular-choice-breaking-stairway-to-heaven irregular-choice-breaking-distinctive-soul irregular-choice-store-invitation


Try this for size!: “One Small step…Cool Haan”



Classic New York Footwear Retailer Cole Haan bursts through the time-warp bubble with a cool as you like New Store concept in Smooth Soho.


Iconic imagery creates dramatic wall impact communicating the brands origins, whilst a stylised Subway Map adopts a tube line for each of Col Haan’s hero shoe designs. Low volume for high impact.

Clear the Classic Clutter for Style Stories that Stride the Decades.


cole-haan-low-density-space-plans cole-haan-supercharged-graphics cole-haan-terminal-to-the-future

Deichmann Shoe Machine: Running like Brickwork

Saving soles in a sea of shoeboxes, value footwear retailer Deichmann has arrived at a smart solution making self-service shoe buying both visually calming and commercially successful.



Boxing clever and boxing bold Deichmann works with its suppliers, brands and manufacturers to a colour palette that allows a brickwall of boxes to segment the assortment.

Yellow for ladies, blue for boys, reinforces for the not so well at heeled the basic segmentation whilst even the likes of Nike & Adidas conform like foot soldiers, regimented in space for clarity of brand offer.

Against this authority, styles and sellers above the norm, literally and laterally stand out in splendid isolation, no longer just another brick in the wall, but prominent on their cardboard plinths.

deichmann-shoe-machine-vision-of-woman deichmann-shoe-machine-brand-boxing deichmann-shoe-machine-summer-shelving

Sometimes simplicity can be the answer to a complicated collective puzzle, and this cost-effective solution shows a little lateral thinking can go a long way for less on a shoestring budget.