“The joys of a retail Spring!” – Essential Retail Insights

And now 2017 is well & truly upon us.


We bring to you…”The Joys of a retail Spring”
A timely and seasonal summary of retail know-how,  a dozen essential insights to sow the seeds of success in the year ahead.



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Week-by-week over the coming months, we’ll bring to you a dozen of the very best ways to understand your retail business in a more detailed and enlightened way, and explain how this knowledge can be galvanised and developed into increased efficiencies and sales performance.

We hope to brighten up your retail Spring by…


  • explaining how to understand your customer’s behaviour in your stores
  • allowing you to monitor what your store personnel are doing day-by-day
  • helping you to calculate just how much product you need in your stores
  • revealing the way to unlock the secrets of why customers buy from you
  • explaining how to allocate your assortment between online & off-line
  • advising on what you need to consider when taking your proposition to new countries
  • maximising impulse sales from queuing systems
  • outlining the correct VMToolkit you require to manage your stores
  • giving ideas on how to increase the frequency of loyal customers to your stores

…and many more.


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And so, for our clients of 2016, and for those to come in 2017,
we hope you will allow us to help you experience a successful retail Spring!

We look forward to meeting you for the next, or maybe the first time in 2017.


Thank you.

Tim Radley Founder & Director

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