Paddington’s Curiosity Shop at Selfridges: Pinterest board

Best sellers come in all shapes and sizes from Cuban boots to Peruvian bears. Selfridges always captures the popular crowd-pleases, presenting them with aplomb, enjoyment and emotional experience. A retailer always with a large slice of sticky trickery tucked under its considerable commercial hat.


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Monty’s Dancing Den: John Lewis Pinterest Board

You would have had to have been, appropriately enough, buried head first in the snows of Antarctica not to have noticed that the John Lewis Christmas icon is a penguin. To be accurate he is an Adelie penguin and his name is Monty. He has been the star of the retailer’s Christmas advertising campaign and window displays and you have as much chance of buying one in John Lewis as you have of finding a giraffe at the South Pole.



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Atlantic Migration: American Eagle Pinterest

Whether American Eagle has found its natural habitat, or becomes just another vagrant visitor to our shores blown off course by the winds of international optimism remains to be seen, but its addition to the retail regulars adds another touch of international interest to the vibrant UK clothing market.


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White Stuff Welcome Home: Visit the Pinterest Gallery

White Stuff, the purveyor of distinctive quality fashion has found a home.


Its new concept store is modelled on a 2-storey Edwardian house complete with majestic flowing staircase, authentic wooden floor tiles, grand open fireplaces with festive stockings, and more ornaments and implements than you would usually expect in even the most, not so average, abode.


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Backing Black: GAP and Boxpark Pinterest Board

The trendy transient shopping centre of Shoreditch is many things to many retailers. Boxpark has been home to new brand launches, curious collaborations, assortment edits, entries into the UK market and a physical presence for marketing campaigns and promotional activities.


What can’t be denied is the sizeable amount of serious cool kudos that a Box can bring to any brand that opts into the culture. With this firmly in mind GAP, the ever-present anchor of every shopping centre from Manchester to Westchester, every high street from Tunbridge Wells to Indian Wells, has taken up temporary residence to add a much needed boost to its receding reputation.


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Vintage Vittles: Albion Café Pinterest Gallery

Stepping back in time ironically, but most commonly, costs more than staying in the present. The price we pay for authentic experiences, retro bistro and vintage vittles’ sets the tills ringing but the hearts racing for those who remember the taciturn times when basic cuisine was well, basically cuisine.


The Albion café come restaurant in so cool Shoreditch recreates to the finest detail the community eating experience of post war Britain complete with clinical lighting, laminate tables, squeaky seats and classic condiments from the essential Heinz to the classic Coleman’s.

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