Uniqlo is on an  international mission from its Japanese heartland to become truly an  international fashion destination. It is already the 4th biggest fashion  retailer after Inditex, H&M and the GAP.



The new 5th avenue store is  as impressive a brand statement as you could ever wish to see. The store is  spread over 4 floors which are used to create a jaw-dropping entrance where the  full store height is awash with colour and excitement.

The customer is taken on  a definitive journey, firstly up 3 floors on an escalator into the sky. The  customer then enters the main store through an illuminated corridor where best  sellers, classics and image makers are presented with enticing graphics and  flashing LEDs.

The collection is displayed  through a series of rooms where the product grouping is still largely in the  traditional Uniqlo categories.

However silhouettes are brought together on  mannequins and focal displays and the collection also includes coordinated  themes for women.

Hero categories have special status such as the mezzanine  floor dedicated to the Uniqlo T-shirt and displays in museum fashion all of the  designs and characters that have been used on the T-shirts over its  history.

Uniqlo is developing a  multichannel presence where its focus is currently to create an international  fashion community.

On websites and mobile platforms an international audience  recommend and model inspirational ways that customers can mix and coordinate the  range of Uniqlo classics and new fashion pieces.

uniqlo-new-york-brand-temple-digital-masterpiece uniqlo-new-york-brand-temple-impulse-avenue uniqlo-new-york-brand-temple-t-shirt-gallery

Watch this space. you won’t be able to take your eyes off it!