Fashion Forever: Walking in a Value Wonderland


Forever21 has become  folklore for fun and budget fashion in its native US, and now throughout the UK, Europe and the Far East after its recent and rapid expansion.



Although its original stores  were only 100sqm its concept has blossomed to become “Fashion Wonderlands” of  over 9000sqm. These huge stores are segmented into a variety of sub-brands and  departments.

Forever 21 for the original  assortment of women’s and junior’s clothing, accessories, active wear, swimwear,  lingerie, handbags, and shoes. Forever 21+ carrying women’s apparel in extended  sizes. Love 21 with contemporary lines for women with styles more suited for  women 21 and older. Forever 21 Girls for girls moving into their pre-teen sizes  & 21Men, fast fashion and suited style for men.

The vast spaces are used to  create retail theatre through the use of extravagant and extended mannequin  focal points, introducing each area with distinctive and eye-catching colour,  pattern and displays.

Whilst the store has been  built arrange jaw-dropping category displays with endless racks of dresses,  blouses, T-shirts, trousers, denim and every other kind fashion apparel, the  retailer has worked hard to create outfits and silhouettes, brought together  with its individual and distinctive taste for coordination.

Stand-out departments  include the accessories area with its “boutique” atmosphere and the wonderfully  extravagant fixtures with crystal chandeliers and oversizes  lampshades.

For the fashionista on a  budget Forever21 truly represents a “Fashion Wonderland” of unparalleled scale  and extravagance.


forever21-budget-fashionista-mannequin-mountains forever21-budget-fashionista-wide-avenues forever21-budget-fashionista-local-flavour