Touchpoint & location strategies

Touchpoints: ‘Taking it to the customer’

The relationship is shifting from distinctive channels to a continuously changing number of touchpoints. These touchpoints cut across digital and physical channels. They are used by the customer as they please, often with little predictability.

Speaking of channels is irrelevant. It is one brand delivering retail services to a transient customer.

The touchpoints are used by the customer in two fundamental ways. For inspiration and communication with the retailer, and to buy from the retailer. The customer flits across these touchpoints as and when they please.

With such freedom and choice, it is now time for retailers to be proactive, and to ‘take it to the customer.’

Get the fundamentals right

Before attacking the complexities of channel and touchpoint integration, it must first be the priority to ensure that all your touchpoints are independently, as efficient, as reliable and as engaging as possible. That they are working.

Address the fundamentals with a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach to  anything other than best practice. Ensure that digital channels load quickly, present themselves in a logical and intuitive way, allow the customer to navigate where they need to go, but with relevant stimulation to lead them to what they really want.

Ensure physical shops are convenient in location, and open at convenient times. That the environments are clean and attractive, allowing the customer to find easily what they came in for, and discover seamlessly what they will leave with.

The choice of touchpoints is myriad, but the one that the customer is currently using is always the most important to them. Make sure that no touchpoints disappoint. Remember to never allow the customer to fail, by failing the customer yourself.

Your ‘touchpoint & location’ project…

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