Kiehl’s University: Skeletons Alive and Kicking

Swimming against the trend tide of sterile store environments of purity and prepared perfection Kiehl’s comes out all glamour guns blazing in a dynamic and inspiring store concept in the pulsing heart of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.



Never a brand for understatement Kiehl’s has however largely adhered to the established etiquette of sterility with its personality portrayed through its trademark skeleton and whitewashed brickwork.

Whilst these brand stalwarts remain, everything is overstatement as the skull is flourished high and wide with gothic swirls 10 metres tall, fighting for epic scale with flowers unfurling to highlight the scented assortments below. No secret stones remain unturned as classic heroes and new preparations are explained and showcased in shining silver text and neon magnificence on every vertical wall and horizontal surface, bombarding all five senses with theatre and stimulation.

Showmanship is carried through to skull enhanced photo booths to capture and encapsulate the beautiful benefits of regular regimes for skin, hair and body from the unique range of lotions and potions at the customer’s disposal.

The bottom line without the lines is that health and fun can be happy companions, as can the shopping experience of experimentation and purchasing, all with the reassurance of Kiehl’s skincare guarantee emblazoned in true titantic style across its impressive façade.

kiehls-skincare-showcase kiehls-glamour-guaranteed kiehls-beauty-encapsulated


Is your brand coming alive for the customer?

Amongst the theatre is your visual drama focused on commercial objectivess?

VM-unleashed has worked with a number of brands and retailers on delivering store propositions that base their brand delivery on sound commercial principles of space.

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