VM Trends: “An End to ‘Easy’ Visual Merchandising!”

Tim Radley, CEO of VM-Unleashed! will be in discussion at the Retail Design Expo 2017

Please come, listen and join in on Monday 8th May, 12pm.
May 8-9, 2017, London Olympia.



Tim Radley is the founder of retail specialist consultancy VM-Unleashed!

His expertise comes from 25 years of working with, and helping, a wide variety of UK and international businesses with their retail performance, store experience and all facets of what has become visual merchandising.

Visual merchandising, in its widest definition, is core to delivering tangible improvements to physical stores. However , without exception, delivering successful retail spaces involves the integration of many retail functions to generate these changes. Retail integration of strategy, development, processes, organisation, culture and tools is usually the most important legacy to leave within a business – visual merchandising operations that allow retail to flourish and prosper.

Tim regularly writes on the future of visual merchandising and VM Trends effecting the planning, implementation and management of retail stores

  • “The End of ‘Easy’ Visual Merchandising!”

  • “Short Cuts only Lead to Spending Cuts!”

  • “Who’s Driving the Retail Calendar?”

  • “The Dawn of the ‘Sensual Merchandiser!’”

  • “Ideas Driving Skills & Integration. Not Skills & Integration limiting Ideas!”

  • “Visually integrating Marketing, Graphic Design and Visual Display!”

  • “Managing the Multi-Layered Dynamic!”

  • “The Digital Dynamic. Mixed Display Technologies!”

  • “Managing the VM Minefield!”

  • “The Balance of VM Compliance & VM Education!”

  • “Managing Stores by Commercial Possibilities not Geographic Realities!”

Please come, listen and join in on Monday 8th May, 12pm.

Jennifer Acevedo, Editor in Chief, VMSD
Tim Radley, CEO, VM-Unleashed!
Joanna Quinn, Group Visual Creative Manager, JD SPORTS
Stephen Hall, Creative Director, NEW LOOK

Retail Design Expo 2017. May 8-9, 2017, London Olympia.