What can ‘we hardened retail professionals’ learn from the students at the London College of Fashion?

My collaborative project with the London College of Fashion has come to an end, for this year at least. Sad to say goodbye for now, but what an amazing and rewarding experience for everyone. The student’s final presentations were professional and polished. I can honestly say that I have sat through far worse presentations from professional businesses. Whilst I would like to take some credit for my input into their-

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Discussing ‘Experiential Retailing’: Next – ‘The Smooth Operator’

Listen to myself, Tim Radley, on the Louise Lally podcast, discussing the much vaunted but little understood concept of ‘Experiential Retailing!’ Join the free podcast now through this link…Retailing with Meaning Ep1 Store Concepts (podbean.com) The podcast features a discussion on Next, a highly successful mid-market clothing & home brand, but not one you would usually associate with the expression ‘Experiential Retailing.’ The fact is that a great customer experience-

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Discover a ‘Five-Star Christmas: “Meaning in the Retail Madness”

“An excellent read *****” “Valuable reference for anyone in retail *****” “This book is more relevant now than ever! *****” ‘Meaning in the Retail Madness’ explains how touchpoints have replaced channels, how linear supply chains will become circular, why assortments are increasingly virtual, how physical is turning to local, and why products and shops are not necessarily made for each other anymore. It supplies a blueprint for retail’s new ‘agile-

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Should ‘recyclable trump recycled’ in the product design & buying lottery?

Should ‘recyclable trump recycled’ in the product design & buying lottery? Surely, as customers we must educate ourselves, and teach the businesses that make our ‘stuff’ that truly and literally ‘enough is enough’ It is correct to prioritise ‘keeping product out of landfill’ This is most important. That is why the evolution of resell, remaking, repairing, reinventing and renting is so important. The more existing products that can remain in-

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TK Maxx, making every customer’s visit into their luckiest day!

TK Maxx, making every customer’s visit into their luckiest day! The best brands make extraordinary things very simple. And the clever use of visual merchandising does not need to be complex or sophisticated to define a brand and create unique experiences. I’ve been involved recently in the research for the Channel 5 documentary about TK Maxx. The interview with one of the producers made me distill why the shopping experience-

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Is Primark following up its sustainability claims with decisive actions?

Is Primark following up its sustainability claims with decisive actions? We have had a week where momentum against fashion retailers who are ‘greenwashing’ has been gathering pace with investigations by the CMA, and threatened legal action. So against this it is good to see a concrete commitment by one of biggest volume clothing retailers in the world. The fashion giant has announced it is to become the first retailer to feature-

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“The Little Loop’ and the Dragon’s/Dinosaur’s Den Dilemma”

“The Little Loop’ and the Dragon’s/Dinosaur’s Den Dilemma” What an amazing episode of the BBC’s Dragon’s Den which saw a children’s clothing rental start-up split the opinions and sentiments of the five resident dragons straight down the middle. Charlotte Morley, founder and ceo of shared children’s wardrobe, The Little Loop, entered the Den and came away with investments from two Dragons and twice the amount she had pitched for. This has-

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Judging begins for the VMRD Retail Design Awards 2022

It is that exciting time of year again, to begin judging the entrants for the 2022 VMRD Retail Design Awards. From experience as an awards presenter, I know that the ceremony itself is a great spectacle and a place of high excitement and emotion. These awards mean a lot in the retail industry in Asia and beyond. It is quite an accolade. However I have to say that I also-

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Zara: moving stylishly from linear to lateral processes

Zara: moving stylishly from linear to lateral processes Linear processes push product through the system and into shops. They make money from buying & supply efficiency. Lateral processes consider at every stage the qualitative attributes of the product. They enhance and add-value to the assortment. They make money from selling. From selling more, and selling better. Zara at its inception, disrupted the balance of linear and lateral processes in its-

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Proposition Primark: Added-value retailer

Even the lowest prices in the world command detailed scrutiny when it comes to value for money.



Whilst an advised adornment, a prudent personalisation, or an essential embellishment can turn an anonymous basic into a soaring best-seller, an equally ill-judged adjustment can make even the most miserly mark-up a step too far for the discerning masses. Whilst Primark maintains its low price proliferation, it has equally expended a serious amount of energy in judging what makes its assortment sing for its adoring fans.

Identifying what’s important to its customers has allowed Primark to adorn its products with a dazzling array of added-value touches. Strategically located linings and logos, sub-brand developments and label de-lineaments, fashion details and functional features, precisely promoted and cleverly communicated add points to margins, and slices to sales. Points proven as top marks add up to a winning bottom line.

primark-fully-lined primark-waistband-enhancement primark-watch-your-back

From adoration to adornment, Primark’s perfect process has them singing all the way to the added-value bank.