Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal: Tune in to Tiger

Tiger is not just another Rock ‘n’ Roll animal


Tiger is not just one of the coolest brands around, with an amazing assortment of quirky, original and beautifully designed products, but is embracing a holistic brand message through its involvement with world music.



Always certain to surprise is a rich vein in the Tiger anatomy, now tapping into a selection of jazz, blues, world, classical and fusion music perfect for re-enforcing the uniqueness of this truly international brand. Roaming the world, collecting new admirers, opening stores, selling to customers of every culture, gathering inspiration, ideas and enthusiasm through colour, materials and now music.

Listen at leisure, download with pleasure , attend a Tiger concert – perfect ways to stay in tune with the most vibrant of brands.


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The brand played on.

Tiger Earns Its Stripes: The Cat In Search of the Cream of London

Natural survivors evolve and expand beyond their traditional habitats widening their historical distribution.



Tiger, with its impulse offer and low prices, is thriving and turning up not only in secondary locations and low-rent backwaters but on some of the most expensive streets in London. After a trial in Tottenham Court Road, the Danish destination has opened its doors on Oxford Street, rubbing shoulders with value giants such as Primark and Sports Direct.

Rather than changing its spots, Tiger is earning its stripes converting the passing pedestrian in huge numbers, filling their baskets to overflowing with everything from drawing pins to rolling pins, toilet to paint brushes, dried spices to coconut ices.

But this stalker of the unsuspecting is no stranger to breaking convention, creating impulse assortment, creaming the easy sales, unburdened by the necessity to create unwieldy assortment widths, chasing choice that the modern shopper cannot cope with.

In common with cross-sector stars such as Lidl and Aldi buying narrow but buying smart is a formula that works both far and wide.

When it comes to choice there is currently only one winner in the urban jungle. Tiger takes its turn on the golden streets of London.


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Are you missing the easy sales, whilst chasing the hollow promise of choice?

Cool Cat in the Capital: Tiger Earns its Stripes

Tiger - candle wall

Tiger has been slowly prowling the streets of the world for a while, with its irresistible proposition of impulse product, low prices and beautiful, attractive designs.

Its latest incarnation is its first attack into the streets of London with a bright bold yet typical store on Tottenham Court Road. The assortment creams the impulse element from popular categories such as stationery, home decor, food and fashion with a keen eye on seasonality and relevance.

Star wall is the moustache fashion story in-line with current trend and charity events, and an ever growing and impressive Christmas assortment. Smart graphics, bold displays, ease of shop and an impulse to spend combine to create a conversion rate the envy of all.

Tiger is relatively unique in that is creams the impulse sales from a range of popular product categories, without the time and effort involved in developing complete departments and the complexities that entails.

Having said that they make retail look easy. There is excellent, fashionable design and amazing low prices. A combination that should never be taken for granted.

tiger-moustache-wall  Tiger - cooking-wall  tIGER COOKING UTENSILS

Are you focused on the “easy buys” or bogged down in the complexities of assortment structure planning?