Seasonal Selfridges: Winter in a Tourist Wonderland

Christmas comes but once a year, and so do tourists. So, with this in mind, and with the usual indomitable Selfridge’s spirit, the Winter Wonderland has already arrived in anticipation of those seasonal September sales.



Globetrotters in search of gifts and glitter are falling over themselves heading for the fourth floor to immerse themselves in a world of traditional snow and sparkle, whilst the unaware walk short-sleeved through the unseasonal September sunshine.

Personalisation is literally the name of the game adding that extra urgency to pick up a unique present or seasonal souvenir, a retail reminder of a summer sojourn through the streets of London.

Top of the festive list are designer china baubles in black and white, waiting to be custom painted with your name of choice. And to celebrate that faraway special day Santa’s sacks expectantly await the personal messages and individual addresses of their lucky recipients, boldly emblazoned before our very eyes.

Identifying the dynamics of your customer, as much as the ambient Autumnal back-drop to life, is always the key to commercial celebrations. All this may leave traditionalists with a nasty November taste in their mouths, but equally provides visitors from many countries with the perfect opportunity to return home as conquering heroes, survivors of the family gift quicksand, the proud providers of politically correct and  perfectly personalised presents.

selfridges-winter-wonderland-bespoke-santa-sacks selfridges-winter-wonderland-christmas-baubles selfridges-winter-wonderland-bespoke-baubles

Are you maximising the commercial opportunities of your customers seasonal buying patterns?

Should personalisation of your products be part of your armoury?


VM-unleashed has have worked with a variety of brands and retailers helping to define commercial retail calendars, and to develop assortments which satisfy the seasonal opportunities offered to every retailer.

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VM-unleashed monitors and celebrates best practice such as Selfridges, to advise our clients and make then more profitable.

Reveal the Mystery: Swatch & Learn


The price of competition,

… may be a Swatch watch but the price of success is repaid many times in customer loyalty and social network buzz. Clever Swatch calculate the cost of a mystery watch giveaway in a sealed box for £25 with any regular purchase.

No watch is worth less in the assortment, so the customer always wins, whilst the transaction rate goes through the roof, around the clock in a win, win situation. The store is turned into one promotion with vibrant graphics, emotive messages and at the centre of it all the mystery boxes in their resplendent spectrum of colour. Commercial success or marketing hype? Only time will tell.

swatch-mystery-box swatch-mystery-shop swatch-mystery-store

…is your return on investment undervalued when it comes to your competitive spirit?