Balancing Act Up and Running: Go Directly to Sports

She Runs. He Runs.” is a new proposition on the footwear floor of Sports Direct, the discount leader in the European sports market.



Regularly criticised for its level of expertise and service, particularly in the footwear world where technical information and brand communication is essential in the buying process, it has teamed up with New Balance, specialist manufacturer of sports footwear.

With the strapline “Pound for Pound the best running shoes in the market” this footwear tie-up would seem to be a marriage made in value heaven. Prospective customers avail themselves of the electronic footwear machine which not only measures the size of shoe required but also grades feet by the height of their arch and the shape of the foot.

The resulting diaped diagnosis can then be matched to an extensive range of New Balance running shoes all coded and segmented by the appropriate shape and foot arch suitability.

With enough information for a qualified selection, ease of use and fast to act this initiative seems set to run for a while yet.


sports-direct-new-balance-perfect-running-shoe sports-direct-new-balance-stand-hear sports-direct-new-balance-wall-of-shoes

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