To be head and shoulders above a crowded category requires dominance of range and unparalleled choice.



A New Era has dawned in the competitive market for souvenir and sporting caps inspired by the vast array of US sporting franchises whose merchandisers market everything from replica kits, memorabilia and the ubiquitous baseball cap.

The central London store has an urban feel with brick wall to brick wall cap displays expanding the experience from sporting team allegiance to blockbuster films, superhero insignia, city branding from across the globe to a spectrum of smartly styled caps, free from fraternity in a striking colour spectrum.

The design cleverly hides available sizes in pull-out drawers behind the displays, shaving centimetres from the store, adding category claustrophobia and an even higher intensity to an unsurpassed assortment.

new-era-hat-and-table new-era-wall-of-caps new-era-cap-stand


Hats off. Respect is Due.