The sum is often bigger than the parts, although in the case of Monki it is the fascinating and intriguing parts that very much bring the Monki world to life.


On the one hand the carefully conceived store concepts from the Forgotten Forest where shoppers walk on a floor of flowers, becoming lost in the trees and discovering fashion gems in discarded tree trunks, through the distressed and decaying City of Oil & Steel where urban regneration is the setting for Monkis ethical clothing policies to the latest underworld extravaganza, fishing for fashion in a sea of Scallops.

On the other hand, personalities abound in the Monki magazine, from phsychic scandinavians and individual designers to fashionistas with a flair for cosmic thermodynamics.

Individuality is celebrated as a whole, and being different creates a glorious commonality.


monki-magazine-02 monki-city-of-oil-steel monki-magazine-01