So, imagine a furniture concept that throws out the baggage of the traditional way of doing things, and re-invents the whole process from the perspective of the customer and the designer. More or less, you have

Made is born from a passion for modern, beautiful furniture and the frustration of buying it the old-fashioned way. And with necessity being the mother of invention it was real life experience that bore forth the mother of modern retailers.



Let’s take the design side of things. Made is a conduit for both internal and external designers who fit the profile with their take and philosophy on how we should fill our homes. The designs are brought to life online, and manufactured to order usually in the far-east to provide beautiful products at reasonable prices. The potentially long lead time is curtailed through a dynamic relationship with trusted manufacturers and a super-efficient supply chain.

The customer is appeased at the wait with the anticipation of a hand-made personalised piece. The beauty of the system, and the ultimate prices for the customer, is the lack of necessary inventory as investment is made where demand is real. Perpetual favourites keep the customer happy, bespoke pleases the more particular, whilst non-sellers are dropped from the range without incurring cost.

The philosophy is taken to its extreme with the “Made Talent Lab” where potential designers meet crowdfunding investors and final customers in a process that rewards talent, foresight and the love of an idea.

Not only designers, but customers also have their moment in the sunshine. Made Unboxed is a clever thing that indulges those proud of their home made places and creative sensitivities as well as helping customers see their potential purchase in the full glory of a real life setting. Previous customers create profiles and post profusely images of how they brought together Made furniture with interior design touches and decoration. A source of inspiration, the platform also propels the proud posters into the role of design heroes.

Nor is the practical process of selecting ignored in this new way of buying. The cunning Sofasizer is a single click and drag tool that instantly reduces the assortment by size and dimension to fit your available nook or cranny, modifies the search by colour and price and presents the perfect possibilities with videos, reviews and of course our Unboxed heroes. The sensible inclusion of a search by delivery time even pacifies the most impatient.

Of course, is a brainchild of the internet but is finding its own home increasingly in some selected stylish streets of our major cities. And innovation abounds in the physical world as Made maintains its customer centricity with the seduction of space. Clients can survey an edited assortment, accompanied by tablets which they use to scan tickets to access a wider range of information and temptation, or encouraged to browse at leisure absorb themselves in a dramatic display of product leaflets and material swags.

A breath of fresh air in a stale and sedentary sector, Made is combining a passion for style and an acumen for business for the benefit of both furniture designers and homeowners alike.

Watch your space!


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