To call the new Dyson experience on Oxford Street a museum would be to relegate its content to the realms on history whereas this celebration of centrifugal forces is a testament to the extraordinary inventions of the future.



This world-renowned company has of course cut its technological teeth on sucking seamlessly and extraordinarily efficiently every unwanted speck of dust and grain of dirt from the floors and hidden places of a million homes. Its super-suction cleverly combined with simple and sexy silhouettes has spawned a clamour of copycats but created an unrivalled admiration amongst its legions of loyal customers.

This two floor showcase reinforces its cleaning credentials on the ground floor featuring heavily on the development of its cleaning robot – the 360 eye, whilst the mezzanine minces no words with a full-blown love affair of its sensational Supersonic hair-dryer system.

Both floors rise above mere static electricity with a variety of interactive displays and demonstrations. Supported by expert Dyson evangelists, encased in a world a high-quality information graphics the curious crowd are left in no doubt about the kings of the centrifugal universe.

What is most extraordinary above everything in this era of engineering espionage is the transparency of the technology, the openness of the explanation of these brilliant inventions.

The result is the engineering of absolute authority and customer trust. Worth its weight in commercial gold-dust as once again Dyson make magic literally out of thin air.

dyson-centrifugal-celebration-evolution-of-display dyson-centrifugal-celebration-graphic-statements dyson-centrifugal-celebration-invisible-revolutions


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