Selfridges Designer Street Room: A Pavement Perspective

As you’d expect there’s been a bit of a media blitz surrounding the appearance of a Skate Bowl in the middle of Selfridges flagship store on Oxford Street. Never one to shy away from innovation it is nonetheless a refreshing story, a positive spin on the department store sector. Whilst the Skate Bowl is sensational in concept and delivery, it is part of a wider departmental concept, which is the-

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Iceland: No joke for Department Stores

The Daily Post:- 6th August “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Iceland: No joke for department stores”   So, a funny thing happened on the way to the shops. To be precise a couple of funny things with more to follow without doubt. Let’s move forward a few months and I’m making my way into The Range, my local store for value home furnishings and décor. Inside I also-

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Hope Springs Eternal with the Beauty of a Retail Calendar

The Morning Post:- 5th April “Hope Springs Eternal with the Beauty of a Retail Calendar“   Helping a retail client to exit the Easter promotions and move into a mid-season sale the staff, and even the store itself, naturally succumb to some mild form of “Post Event Syndrome.” For sure April brings showers, certainly in the UK, but it also closes an intense period of retail activities driven by a condensed-

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Selfridges: “Popping-up” Down the Corner Shop

On any visit into London its always worth a visit to Selfridges. It really has to be the most dynamic and imaginative retailer out-there always inventing, changing and challenging as it seeks to drive ever more customer through its shiny doors. It would be easy to be complacent, already having the most amazing assortment of brands, and seemingly every angle covered in the fight for footfall.     Last November-

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Sustainable Selfridges: Natural Partner for a Material World

Time never stands still for Selfridges. The dawn of every day is reason enough to energise the store with new messages, products and brands to perpetuate its reputation as one of the world’s most exciting retail experiences.   When seasonality subsides for a second Selfridges fills the void with self-generated events bringing every aspect of its considerable assortment to the attention of its captive customers – amidst its Spring activities-

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Fashion, Fusion & Follies: Selfridges Studio Experience

Building excitement and new physical experiences is transforming the third floor of Selfridges London into a must-see destination as it unveils a series of lifestyle studios to entice & enthral its adrenaline driven customers.   The Design studio is the latest area to be unveiled and at over 1000sqm presents itself a home for innovative and exciting ladies wear brands from the international established to the emerging new talents. J.W.Anderson,-

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Body Beautiful: Selfridges Studio of Serenity

Selfridges opens its biggest ever department, Body Studio, encompassing everything that is exciting and inspirational about London’s leading department store.   Never the laggard Selfridges is ahead of the trend as its manoeuvres gracefully to gain a fitness foot hold in the fastest growing area of fashion – Athleisure. The department brings together an intimate experience, despite its many metres, catering for everything feminine from lingerie, nightwear and seasonal swimwear,-

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Sonic Selfridges: Big Noise in the World of Music

There are many magical corners of the Selfridges supersized store to admire and marvel at, to lose yourself in an exploration of a wondrous assortment from traditional classics to outrageous innovation. In the basement bowels of the lower ground floor through the avenue of travel accessories, luggage and literature is a gem of a department for anyone with an eye for imagination and an ear for entertainment. Focal point of-

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Watch & Wonder: Selfridges Serves up an Apple Experience

Time is money and when it comes to Apple that money and revenue can be sizable, so speed to market and proximity to the pockets of its patrons is an essential element to retrieving its return on investment.   In a collaboration of near colossal proportions Apple has taken chronological control of all of Selfridges’ windows on London’s Oxford Street to present a breathtaking, time making, statement of market intent.-

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Paddington’s Curiosity Shop at Selfridges: Pinterest board

Best sellers come in all shapes and sizes from Cuban boots to Peruvian bears. Selfridges always captures the popular crowd-pleases, presenting them with aplomb, enjoyment and emotional experience. A retailer always with a large slice of sticky trickery tucked under its considerable commercial hat.


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