urbanears colour spectrums

A simple store speaking louder than words makes the action of listening a pleasure and an experience.


UrbanEars is a concept in listening from Scandinavia, an ergonomic and aesthetic sound sensation for all the world to enjoy. The concept is based around colour , sound quality and the pleasure of wearing headphone in the office, on the train, commuting on your bike or on a plane.

The store presents its product as individual heroes, each which its intrinsic features and sound philosophy combined with a rainbow of colour tone, or a sound block of blue and red or green.

The hero presentation is complete with a spectrum of distinctive and desirable boxes creating and delivering colour in a world of white noise.


urbanears-interiors  urbanears-packaged  urbanears-array

Colour is always considered the most powerful visual display tool.
Here Urbanears uses the familiar spectrum of colour developed by Apple and taken up by a myriad of retailers and brands from Mini to Morphy Richards.

Is there an opportunity for colour in your business?
Do you live in a grey world?


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