Extra-Sensory Perception: Selfridges Sniff an Opportunity

As part of the recent Hello Beautiful event extravaganza at London’s Selfridges customers were invited to explore the world of personalised perfume at The Fragrance Lab.



Individual profiling promised each participant a unique scent, created from the smells and aromas of childhood memories and adult experiences all combined, bottled and labelled with love. Dedicated window spaces and part of the Wonder Room were taken over to create a personal space that was to be, for one month, forever everyone’s own intimate part of Selfridges.
The Fragrance Lab, as always with London’s most imaginative retailer, was part of a much wider series of shows and collaborations celebrating with wider wonders of sensory beauty.

Concepts on a grand scale and experiences of an individual level, the clever combination that always make Selfridges so much more than just a 3-day eventer.


selfridges-fragrance-lab-wonder-window selfridges-fragrance-lab-invitation-board selfridges-fragrance-lab-unique-experience

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