Crowning Glory: The Peoples’ Princess takes a Bow

Informality and innovation serenade this seasons arrival into the world of Spanish speciality fashion.



No standing on ceremony for Si Reina whose distressed displays and stripped back shell are the antipathy of pristine pedestals and perfect presentations. However this store has no shortage of admirers, attracted by the femininity and fashion touches of a well-conceived collection for that age in the adolescent journey between girlhood and the gilded guardians of adult fashion.

First impressions provide ample evidence of the endearing nature of this brand, with entrances framed with the delicate touch of flower vases leading into the drama of distressed displays of pastel flower pots and picture frames, a poignant picture of innocence lost. A ceiling of coloured Pom-Poms echoes the last days of childhood leading the next generation into a carefully prepared world of fashion fascination.

How is your coming of age as a retailer?


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