Breaking the Mould: Camper’s Creative Footprint

Original DNA, the USP of Camper, pervades every inch of the customers’ experience, maximising every foot with fun and flamboyance.



Step into Serrano to see the retailer cleverly communicate both democracy of choice as well as the celebration of the individual that earmarks the timeless Pelotas, the ingenious Twins, as milestones on Camper’s road to genuine uniqueness.

The stores walls house a thousand monochrome moulds where colour, texture and shape homogenise into a senseless setting, against which the detail, design and vibrant personality of this seasons sellers scream for attention amidst the silence.  The parade is complete with a stand-off between today’s table displays and the whitewashed walls of yesteryear.

A sensation for the senses where Camper creates a tantalising tension between its footwear physiologies.


camper-breaking-the-mould camper-table-mountain camper-wall-of-fame-options

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