Wide Assortment: Piquadro’s Spatial Awareness

Dimensions that you only dream about, offer the opportunity for Piquadro to showcase its assortment to the passing shopper.



Space and structural planning mirror category and collection ranging to provide a store that replicates the perfect pilot. The retailer response is a corridor of discovery on a journey from travel to totes, from fashion to functionality, with each family segmented and presented from the pages of the merchandising manual.

A democracy of display allows every passer-by to experience the full picture where windows and walls combine, defining a stage setting in the theatre of travel that is terminal 1, Madrid airport. Walking the walk, talking the talk, Piquadro provides the perfect expose for the captive consumer where lack of time and opportunity are now no excuse for ignoring impulse.

piquadro-enter-stage-left piquadro-centre-stage piquadro-exit-stage-right