Join me, Tim Radley, in “Meaning in the Retail Madness,” discussing how considerations about the product lifecycle must now be extended forwards to the customer purchase, their relationship with the product, and its disposal.

The retail lifecycle must evolve into the customer lifecycle.

Solutions must make more use, and more uses, of what the customer buys. Turning away from the throwaway, embracing and enjoying what we have. The terminology needs to transform from possessions to investments, squeezing every hour of use, enjoyment, and value from our precious things.

Read more in ‘Meaning in the Retail Madness,’ as we explore how Creative Customer Lifecycles can enter any aspect of our busy lives. Learn more about Coat Paints, one vibrant new brand improving the ‘seriously flawed’ customer experience in buying paint.

What is our usual relationship with decorating? The multiple trips to stores, complex product and colour ranges, wasteful and expensive tester pots and tons of plastic and waste are environmentally damaging and not fit for millennial buying expectations.

With sustainability at its heart, Coat has created peel-and-stick colour swatches, which are 95% less wasteful than tester pots, while its supplies are sustainably made from bamboo and recycled materials. Coat carries a refined range of 36 colours.

Once customers are finished with their paint job, they can either give their leftover paint back to Coat for recycling or use Coat’s social media community to pass it on to fellow customers.

Coat Paints demonstrates that it is not just the product that needs to be sustainable, but the buying concept itself. Developing less wasteful patches would be only half a story, but creating a community that can exchange and finish off patches adds a gloss finish to this exciting enterprise.

Read more about Coat Paints and other ground-breaking ‘Sustainable Innovators’ in ‘Meaning in the Retail Madness,’ and learn how they are changing the face of retail and customer lifecycles.

‘Meaning in the Retail Madness’ also explains how touchpoints have replaced channels, how linear supply chains will become circular, why assortments are increasingly virtual, how physical is turning to local, and why products and shops are not necessarily made for each other anymore.

It supplies a blueprint for retail’s new ‘agile organisation,’ its structure and its processes. How retail must integrate people with technology, generate commercial sales through sustainability, stimulate customer loyalty through ethical behaviour, and achieve profit without profiteering.

The definitive ‘Z to A’ of Retail Disruption.

Discover over 90 Retailer Insights – from Zara to Amazon, Zalando to Aldi, and 70 Action Plans for your own business – from ‘Zooming & Zoning’ to ‘Allocation & AI.’

‘Meaning in the Retail Madness’ is a book of its times, that will remain a guide and inspiration for years to come.

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