Join Tim Radley, international retail specialist, and founder of VM-Unleashed, as he chats with Louise Lally about the future of visual merchandising, and the changing world of physical shop spaces for both large brands and small independent retailing.

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In this interview Tim explains important areas that all retailers should consider when planning their shops, from the floor layout and space allocation, to grouping of product stories and visual merchandising displays.

Topics in the interview include:

‘Who were the mercurial brand that invented Visual Merchandising?’

‘How should we use colour as part of visual merchandising?’

‘Understanding the importance of lighting in shop design & display!’

‘The 4 different types of product stories we can display!’

‘How ecommerce has revolutionised the stories behind products!’

‘Is there less creativity in retailers, or is it simply focused on new and different disciplines?’

‘How is shop layout changing in today’s shops?’

‘Is space management still so critical? do we need to put as many products in our shops?’

‘What KPIs do all shops need to measure to see if VM is working for sales?’

This is the second of 4 exclusive interviews Tim is giving during October. Other interviews cover:

  • ‘Experiential Retailing’ & Shop concepts
  • The new world for Retail people
  • Sustainability & ethical retailing