Summer Loved: Kidston Calm & Collected

Cath Kidston captures the calmness and coolness of a British summer like no one else.


The mood and feel is sublimely caught from every polka dot top of the home page to every striped bottom of the blog postings. And whilst every detail is in character the site also packs a commercial punch, with drop-dead, drop-down menus opening up the best seller assortment, summer edits and fashion highlights.

Instagram is chosen as the social channel of choice and works well in warming the spring souls as the stepping stone into the summer season. Cath’s stores involved in the fray as the emotional vehicles preparing for seaside fun. The site also hides some exceptional selling tools, with guides on buying the perfect summer bag, as well as excellent product pages where reviews are stand out features in convincing the coyest of customers to dive in.

Cath Kidston is a brand on top of its game, and looks well prepared to join in the summer fun.

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses: Cath’s Cornucopia


Amongst the proud pillars of Piccadilly a little floral femininity has broken through the winter weather.

Cath Kidston’s first flagship is a bright beacon of colour inviting the passer-by to explore a world of nostalgic designs, a celebration of classic kitsch, a veritable house of horticultural hype. Famous for its floral designs Cath Kidston largely lets is product do the talking with bold category displays of bags, rags & collectable booty.

The charming interior is enhanced with wallpaper flashes, old doors in yesterday’s pastels creating a suitable setting for its showcase assortment. The home department steals the show with delightful designs adorning soft furnishings to kitchen accessories.

A trademark touch of window humour as seaside rock creates a tasty backdrop for those too young to remember, to wonder, at the spectacle that is the Kidston spectacular.

cath-kidston-cookwear cath-kidston-exterior cath-kidston-store-view unique are you? are you afraid to make consumer enemies, in a vain attempt to court customer loyalty?