Selfridges Cinema Paradiso: An Everyman Exclusive

It pays never to take your eyes off the showcase stage that is Selfridges Oxford Street for too long, for fear of missing an exclusive premier or the return of a timeless classic.



To illustrate the point the retailer is collaborating with Everyman Cinemas and has installed a sixty seater cinema in its basement event space which will run for the next seven months. Cinema-goers can expect a unique and intimate environment complete with seductive soft sofas and art-deco illumination.

The auditorium itself is complemented by an exclusive wine bar with the same intimate atmosphere, appropriate for aperitifs for the early-evening early arrivals, and the post-film post mortems.

In the rich vein of the new niche cinema venues each day brings a unique mix of different digital deliverables consisting of a daily diet of timeless must-sees, evenings dedicated to cult-classics, horror for the late-night hours, and weekends full of family favourites.

More than ever, Everyman in Selfridges provides the perfect antidote to multi-screen metropolises, burdened with commercial blockbusters, perpetually polluted with pop-corn and binge buckets, the banal homage to the contradiction of mass market entertainment.

So book early to avoid disappointment and take your centre stage seat for another exclusive, entertaining and undoubtedly unique Selfridges’ experience.

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