In the trend soaked streets of Shoreditch an avant garde angle on the traditional cup of tea is putting on the proverbial and literal kettle in anticipation of your next visit. Where Whittards once was, T2 is now the fresh from the tea fields’ package, adding its own individual flavour, refined to the taste of a new breed of selective sensory seekers.



The proposition perches between the perfect purveyor of beautifully packaged teas and a showcase for its spectacular show of tea-pots, cups and saucers fit for a king to taste his favourite tipple of choice. Every taste in style is catered for from decorative Chinas of the ancient East to simple glassware from more recent retro decades.

Similarly, sampling the variety of available flavours for taste testing, takes the curious customer from exotic Ceylon to Victorian England, from bubbling brews to simmering summer stews, from fruit infusions to chilled chars.

In this intoxicating atmosphere the vibrant tea packages are scissor sharp, displayed in waves of yellows and oranges, gorgeous greens and ruby reds. A bold and beautiful backdrop for the intimate and intricate displays of cracked crockery, cups and saucers.

T2 is a novel and innovative take on tea, fresh to the palette of even the most experienced of imbibers.


T2-storming-tea-cup-powerful-proposition T2-storming-tea-cup-old-crocks T2-storming-tea-cup-welcoming-environment

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