Putting the Pieces Together: Jigsaw’s Picture of the Future

Within a jewelled cupcake’s throw from Selfridges an emporium of class and style opened its three doors to the fine people of Duke Street.


Under the umbrella of Jigsaw, three concepts shelter from the storms of a post-recession cloudburst, where three heads, three concepts and three propositions are seemingly better than one.  Central to the physical store is the familiar Jigsaw collection, in unfamiliar surroundings, stripped bare from its heritage of art-nouveau adoration, with straight lines, order and angles amidst the changeable moods of concrete, tiles and wood.

The open space swallows ladies men’s and kids with an appetite for more in the shape of the bluebird store, migrating from Chelsea with an eclectic mix of contemporary styles in a landscape of brickwork and neon.

The piece de resistance, in the face of unstoppable change, is the Fernandez & Hall deli where Duke Street fashionistas and bloggers pass pleasant conversations between the serenity of the Jigsaw small talk and the roar of Oxford Street, outside.

jigsaw-an-angle-on-ladieswear jigsaw-circled-message jigsaw-delicatessen-fernandez-will

Would developing different concepts allow you to speak more clearly to different customers?


I'm Tim Radley and I started VM-unleashed! in 2007, and as the one who makes most of the decisions, and does most of the work, then I guess that makes me the Managing Director. I've now been doing this sort of thing for over 20 years now, so hopefully i know my way around the retail block ...but hey, what do I know?

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