Diplomatic Dichotomy: Puma Pins its Colours to the Gender Mast

Between craftsmanship and sportsmanship, allegiance and acceptance, Puma playfully picks its way between its iconic Italian heritage, an empathy with the new world order of soccer and the need to be an all encompassing world-wide, world cup commercial entity.



Priority position passes to the replica kit of the competing nations in the king of cups. Centre stage to Azzurri blue, Italian kit supported by sports tops and casual Ts. Left of centre, Senegal and Ghana add colour and pace from the emerging African climes, whilst the Latin latex of Uruguay adds balance and symmetry of speed with a cool blue show from South American skies.

Beyond the competitive displays the store is emblazoned in pink and blue, across feature displays, merchandise schemes and a play area with a two- toned table football temptation enticing all to compete in an atmosphere of fun and friendship where the sides are neutral and sport for all is the only winner.

Selling the symbols of nationality in a colour concept to embrace the world, Puma pulls off a stunning performance to wow! an adoring crowd of millions.


puma-pink-blue-centrepiece puma-pink-blue-footwear-display puma-pink-blue-table-football

Are your customers enjoying the World Cup?