How quickly is your business able to act and to change?

As we all know retailing is a very dynamic beast. And the rate of change just keeps accelerating with new operating models, technologies, assortment supply chains, and voracious customer appetites showing no sign of slowing down.

Be honest. How well are you able to react and change to customer demands and the retail markets around you? Are you a leader or a laggard?

What is holding you back? Is it your operations, your processes, or your ability to make decisions?

It is no use coming to the right decisions if the market has already moved on. Nor is it beneficial to be a ‘hindsight retailer’ telling the world that you were right, but never doing anything about it.

What makes you a laggard?

So, what are your opportunities to increase the dynamics within your business, to make your processes more agile, your communications more fluid, and your decision making more confident?

Let’s find out how to change your people, your processes or your protocols, so that you can realise your potential, and enjoy once again one of the most exciting journeys in business.

What is holding your business back?  What makes you a laggard?

Isn’t it time to find ways to be more dynamic as a business?

Listen to Tim Radley explain to his students the importance of being agile in retail.

The audio extract outlines a brainstorming exercise which helps them to identify opportunities within their own retail business.

This extract is part of Course 03 : ‘Mapping your retail evolution curve – Plan your road to retail success’ which contains many other brainstorming exercise, video tutorials, self-analysis workshops, action plan development lessons, and educational quizzes.

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Course modules:

0101 What makes an essential retailer?

How to make yourself essential to customers…

0102 Creating customer relationships.

How to build your brand proposition & loyalty…

0103 Your retail evolution curve.

How to plan your road to retail success…

0104 Building retail functionality.

How to become a great retailer…

0105 Personal destination retailers.

How to create customer communities…

0106 Maximising ‘Scale of economies.’

How to sell more to your customer community…

0107 Building ‘Commercial Authenticity’

How to achieve the next competitive advantage…

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