Cast away those pungent memories of school dinner halls – the world has changed. Scratch the surface and “rice is certainly not skin  deep.”



Rice to Riches takes a  staple of world diet and explodes it into popular culture with imagination,  humour and a degree of good taste. If its possible to do so it communicates rice pudding with “its tongue …in its cheek” – don’t try that one at home!

Brand communication both in the stores and on  the website carries a “tone of voice” which is fun, friendly and a little  challenging at times. It succeeds in propelling the scourge of many a school  dinner into a desirable and versatile fast food.

The assortment offers many  imaginative and, it has to be said, delicious flavours and combinations with  fruit, nuts, preserves and sauces.The temptation to explore and experiment is  irresistible. Although don’t expect to be walking that quickly away from the restaurant t the end of your experience.

Rice to Riches is an  exercise in idea development. The concept is fully coordinated across channels  allowing customers to buy in store, click & collect or have the Rice  delivered to your door. Something to consider for Valentine’s Day perhaps.

The brand is beautifully extended across the format into  spoons, bowls and rice accessories to maximize completely a simple yet unique  concept.

Visit the Rice to Riches experience when you’re in New York and get your just desserts!!


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