Exclusive Interview with Tim Radley: “Sustainability & Ethical Retailing”

Join Tim Radley, international retail specialist, and founder of VM-Unleashed, as he chats with Louise Lally about the world of retail sustainability, diverse shopping channels, rental & second-hand resell, on-demand manufacturing & the virtual inventory, and how sustainability, ethical governance and diversity are intrinsically linked.

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In this interview Tim explains and illustrates with best practice examples, the important areas that all retailers should consider when considering their retail strategies & sustainable propositions, their choice of suppliers, how to mix rental, re-sell, and on-demand and how to run shops in a responsible way.

Topics in the interview include:

“What is sustainability?”

“The core of sustainability – buying less stuff & producing less stuff!”

“Different ways to the ethical market – rental, resale, re-use”

“The rise of the home stylist – making the most of your wardrobe”

“Re-educating the customer to appreciate and use products in better ways”

“Ways that smaller independent retailers can be sustainable”

“Sustainable accreditation and the problem of brand transparency & greenwashing”

“The link between sustainability and ethics – ‘Patagonia selling itself to a trust to ensure profits go to good causes”

“Upcycling and creating collectable product marketplaces”

‘Loanhood and the communities across sustainability – interactive lenders & borrowers, buyers & sellers’

‘New approaches to inventory and the supply chain – committed, bespoke, virtual and instant inventory’

On-demand, digital printing, instant inventory and non-ownership’

This is the final one of 4 exclusive interviews Tim is giving during October. Other interviews cover:

  • ‘Experiential Retailing’ & Shop concepts
  • Visual merchandising & shop design
  • The new world for Retail people

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