Listen to myself, Tim Radley, on the Louise Lally podcast, discussing the future of physical shop concepts and omni-channel ‘Experiential Retailing!’

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The podcast features a discussion on Lush. I absolutely love taking people into Lush. My favourite shop is the one near Oxford Circus, in London. It is an experience where every sense is brought to tingling life.

Even those customers who would never consider crossing the threshold of a Lush store, never mind investing in a bath-bomb or a slice of specialist soap, are charmed and engaged by the customer experience they find.

I’ve accompanied many clients and colleagues to stores and what astounds them is the life, energy and enthusiasm of the store teams. From a state of embarrassment, the doubters are soon lost in the depths of the store, listening intently to their guides and trying their hand at skin treatments, immersing themselves up to their elbows in baths of beautiful solutions.

The shop colleagues are the icing on the cosmetic cake of Lush. They are incredible ambassadors for the brand, and also clearly for the way that the business itself engages with them, listens to them, and includes them in store decision making. Of course, the colleagues totally buy into the fundamental sustainable and ethical principles of the brand, and are even given the opportunity to suggest new product ideas, with the possibility of bringing them to life.

An amazing experience for the colleagues, which translates directly to the customers on every single visit.

So, take a listen to the podcast, discover Lush possibly in a new light, and understand why even other retailers send their shop colleagues to observe Lush as part of their customer service training.

I’ll also explain and illustrate with best practice examples, the many ways that shop experiences can be created, the balance of people and technology, product interaction, the importance of knowing what type of type of experience your customer wants, and most of all how to be genuine & authentic.

Topics in the interview include:

‘What does Experiential Retailing’ mean, and how do you evolve this for your own business?’

‘What actually is a good retail experience, and is it the same for every retailer, and for each customer?’

Why Authenticity is the saviour of the high street, and not experiential retailing alone!

Are retailers born, or can they be made? Can experiential retail be effective if it is not genuine?

Why the ‘Passion Supply Chain’ is so important for all retail businesses to develop!

The four elements of new shop concepts – ‘The Shopper Paradise,’ ‘The Collection Crossroads,’ ‘The Community Hub,’ and ‘The Business Centre!’

Why successful experiences only come through the balance of ‘People & Technology!’

This is the first of 4 exclusive interviews Tim is giving during October. Other interviews cover:

  • Visual merchandising & Shop theatre
  • The new world for Retail people
  • Sustainability & ethical retailing

In the meantime…

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