Dark Sugars: Passion & Pride in Chocolate Heaven

Being passionate about chocolate wouldn’t rank as being unusual in our sweet toothed society, however converting an indulgence into a thriving business riding the crest of a chocolate wave for two decades takes more than simply applying recipes.



Dark Sugars is destination number one for chocolate experiences in London, nestled appropriately on Shoreditch’s Brick Lane amongst the famous facades of its many frequented Indian restaurants. Decidedly sweeter though no less spicier Dark Sugars provides a world of sensory wonder to those who cross its dark threshold.

As its name suggests the passion and inspiration for the brand comes from the sugar plantations, the smells and spices of the West Indies, although its evolution has seen a worldwide quest for unique and unparalleled flavour sensations from the forests of South America to the fields and glades of the Far East.

Everything concocted, fermented, and poured perfectly through a funnel of flavour into the bowls, shelves and overflowing coffee cups that make up the physical finale that is Dark Sugars.

The stores themselves fall into no conventional chocolate shop mould, adorned with imagery and memorabilia drawn from their exotic origins. Nor are the hand crafted chocolate creations displayed in regimented rows or pristine packets but spill with exuberance and energy from wooden bowls and arboreal creations evoking the evolution from cocoa beans to tantalising truffles.

Star of the sensory sensation is the coffee come chocolate bar shrouded in the mist of mocha steam drawing in its curious customers with the rich aroma of anticipation. Retail theatre abounds as chocolate shavings are expertly sliced from huge blocks of intense chocolate heaven. A wonderland of different colours and textures assembled on chopping blocks, immersed into steaming coffee and milk, melting into a unique firmament of flavour with an indulgent excess for eating and sharing.

The generosity of chocolate and the generosity of spirit flow freely in an atmosphere of mutual enjoyment seeing customers in conversation with Dark Sugars employees interested in the lives and lifestyles of their patrons perched appreciatively around the tables of teak and mahogany.

“Treat your customers as you would like to be treated yourself” is the flavour of every Dark Sugars day, with TREAT in capital letters, carved with pride and passion into every touchpoint and taste point of this truly remarkable retail experience.


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