As part of VM-unleashed’s 10th anniversary year we take a look back at some retail milestones from the last decade and explain why each store’s message is as relevant for us today as it was then.


The last decade has shown us that brands need to connect very strongly on an emotional level with their customers in order to survive and flourish. New brands arrive with a fanfare of future expectations, but equally valid and valuable are the stories behind the brand evolution and history.

It almost seems that the more humble and authentic the struggles of distant decades are, the more battered and bruised the identity has become, then the more value and connection the customer feels for the brand.

Undoubtedly the quality of the storytelling is as important as the facts themselves. The art and skills of modern authorship and branding becoming in turn part of the rich tapestry of the brand where fact and fabrication are woven in unison to pull at the customer heartstrings.

The weaving of a great yarn…Lyle & Scott


“In a world of future uncertainties, yet high on nostalgia, heritage, vintage and the warmth & security of the rose-coloured past, there’s an immeasurable wealth in bringing back the past to bear the fruits of future commercial success.

Lyle & Scott is no fabrication, but the genuine material, and communicates attractively and intelligently its heritage and its history to current times. Skill abounds in drawing from the past yet being firmly entrenched in the present and learning the lessons of yesterday to propel it into the uncertainties of tomorrow, with the same integrity, quality, style and popularity that has seen it grow from strength to strength for the last 140 years.”

lyle-scott-1958-sartorial-elegance lyle-scott-1920-traditional-origins lyle-scott-2013-grown-up-brand

Are you an established retailer that has lost its story, its proposition or its passion?

Are you a new business  looking to convert a passion into a product, into a story, and into a retail concept?

VM-unleashed continues to help a variety of retailers and brands across a range of categories to maximise their retail potential both through improving operations and communicating emotional propositions; balancing pragmatism with passion for profit.

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Look out for more retail milestones as our 10th anniversary year continues.