The healthcare sector is indeed perfectly, and tantalisingly, positioned to satisfy the growing customer desire for products that improve physical and mental wellbeing, as well as bringing ‘meaning and integrity’ into the retail experience itself.

So, it is my pleasure to be collaborating with Target Publishing Ltd on a regular new column for Health Food Business that will explore the wider retail picture, the shift towards ethical and sustainable retailing, and the opportunities for ‘good businesses’ to thrive.

It would be fair to say that the retail industry has lost its way over recent years. We have created a world where the product itself has become a commodity, and where superficial marketing and price promotions have become the primary tools to drive sales and buy short-term customer loyalty.

‘Local & community,’ has been replaced by ‘global & efficiency.’ We have often forgotten and forsaken the importance of ‘good people’ in our businesses.

However, the meaning and value of people is being re-awakened within enlightened retailers, who are investing again in the essential human interface between themselves and the customer.

From ‘exploiting the planet’ to ’nourishing the local,’ there is a new and healthy obsession with the commercial and social importance behind our customer communities.

There is a return to true retailing, to ‘selling!’ as we are excited once more by the products we buy, and the businesses we buy from. Brand ‘transparency’ and ‘authenticity’ are the new differentiators

So, what sector would be more natural to lead the drive to a circular approach to honest and genuine retailing, than that of health and wellbeing.

In fact, why would we ever trust a business with our own welfare, if it had little consideration for the wellbeing of its employees, for the communities that it serves, and for society in general?

A real opportunity to be a trailblazer in the world of ethical and sustainable retailing awaits. Value your product, value your employees, and value your customers.

I’ve spent much of my career making ‘Good people into Great retailers!’
I’m looking forwards to having some excellent conversations with these particular ‘good people.’

In the meantime…

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