VM-Unleashed – 10 years old: Time flies when you’re having fun

As I always tell my clients, 10 is an interesting number. On the one hand it doesn’t sound a lot but on the other hand who wouldn’t want a 10{9a7291a7292e83c5148384adada0c82317c2655f4bcb859b5345564a4c272287} increase in sales, or wages, or a 10{9a7291a7292e83c5148384adada0c82317c2655f4bcb859b5345564a4c272287} reduction in tax. In modern retail, performance increases are made up of increments and so the number 10 can go a very long way indeed.




And so from nowhere VM-unleashed is 10 years old!

A landmark which in the grand scheme of things, life and the universe, seems insignificantly small, yet has included memorable and productive collaborations that have certainly made it an important period of time for my clients and myself alike.

So many thanks for all your recent messages and congratulations. A great achievement on all sides, not least because to the best of my knowledge we are all still not only on speaking terms but in a state of healthy dialogue – clients, colleagues and collaborators – from large brands to start-ups, from established retailers to town centres, museums, leisure parks, universities, airports, suppliers, manufacturers, brands and everyone else making a future and friends in retail.

“Where there are people there is retail” is again something I tell my clients, and I count myself fortunate to have met many retail people, and look forward to a future of continued collaborations and new ventures.

So how to mark this anniversary?

Well undoubtedly a raised glass at our next meeting, wherever that may be, but certainly more of the same – good advice and continued support in helping to evolve retail best practices from buying and merchandising through to space planning and the customer experience.

So keep an eye out on the VM-unleashed blog and my LinkedIn profile for a selection of absolute best practice retail stores and websites from the last 10 years, with the lessons we can still all learn from them, as well as features on retail methodologies, processes and actions that can help us all to make more money from our stores now and into the future.

As we all know retail is having to be as dynamic as any business sector out there as it wrestles with the ongoing opportunities raised by omni-channel and the uncertain advantages of new social media marketing technologies, however as always in life we can continue to learn much from a brief but regular glance over our shopkeeper shoulders.

I’m always very happy to connect on LinkedIn and you’re all very welcome to sign-up to the VM-unleashed newsletter.


Thank you once again, as always. Here’s to all our next 10 years!



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