Monki Mania: Refreshing Fashion in a Stagnant Sea



The sum is often bigger than the parts, although in the case of Monki it is the fascinating and intriguing parts that very much bring the Monki world to life.


On the one hand the carefully conceived store concepts from the Forgotten Forest where shoppers walk on a floor of flowers, becoming lost in the trees and discovering fashion gems in discarded tree trunks, through the distressed and decaying City of Oil & Steel where urban regneration is the setting for Monkis ethical clothing policies to the latest underworld extravaganza, fishing for fashion in a sea of Scallops.

On the other hand, personalities abound in the Monki magazine, from phsychic scandinavians and individual designers to fashionistas with a flair for cosmic thermodynamics.

Individuality is celebrated as a whole, and being different creates a glorious commonality.


monki-magazine-02 monki-city-of-oil-steel monki-magazine-01

The Monki Puzzle: Selling in a Sea of Scallops



Welcome to the wonderful & truly unique world of Monki.

Monki is a philosophy for life and style, brought to life, through conceptual store design, that encourages the individual to be – individual, true to themselves and not afraid to express their values through fashion.

Carnaby Street is the latest Monki incarnation based on an undersea world of decaying wrecks, sunken carousels, barnacled rigging, giant jellyfish and a myriad of underwater embellishments.

The fashion style is fun and free, encouraging shoppers to break the rules, be inspired by their senses and shop to their impulsive potential. Refreshing fashion in stagnant waters.


monki-marvellous-staircase monki-focal-display-carousel monki-walls-of-wonder

Boardwalk Catwalk: H&M Turns over a New Leaf

Seven stories of summer heaven await the seasonal shopper at H&M, Oxford Circus.



In another nod to the far away football festival in the jungles of Brazil H&M brings the fashion forest to Europe, adorning its store with a flourish of leaves and garlands of green.

Every floor is home to a showcase display greeting shoppers as they make their way up the escalator labyrinth on an exploration of new summer collections, perennial basics, value heroes, destination denim and the unfolding world of accessories and intimates. The high rise format is perfect for creating manageable stories on each floor, sure to satisfy without testing the patience.

The variety of plinths and props, mannequins and harlequins creates something unique on every level, from towering fashion stacks for the young and bold to the sedate boardwalk for the seasoned shopper.

H&M-jungle-summer-forest-window H&M-jungle-summer-boardwalk-catwalk H&M-jungle-summer-pink-jungle

Underpinned by price, and inspired by the world, H&M’s fashion forest offers something for everyone’s summer sojourns.

Cutting Straight to the Customer: Stylish Stories & More

Join me on a stroll through a unique store experience…

& More Stories is a tale of creative product collections that breaks the mould of traditional fashion story grouping.

Fashion powerhouse H&M plays a strong hand in a format where the assortment is bought and displayed around personality and “style” and not fashion and trend. The retailer cuts straight to the customer with collections such as “Poetic & Dandy” and “Sophisticated & Architectural,” and whilst the desciption may not role off the tongue the stories are tight and focused combining fashion with accessories, jewellery with lingerie, beauty with boots. All is housed in an eco-friendly non-committal environment where every story tells a picture.