Content is king, an adage that spans the ages, is still as relevant in a world of inconceivable delivery options, as it was for the first ever drawing.



Novelty goes so far, and wonder a lot further, and Samsung takes that as far as anyone with their groundbreaking technologies. In an ingenious touch of originality the window campaign for their latest TV screens combines the latest kit with the art of Klimt.

Cleverly the display restricts the usual frenetic visual machinations to a subtle, slowly evolving image as the static kiss is brought to 21st century life before our very eyes. This self control captures the attention and the imagination of the passer-by concentrating its message successfully on the quality and definition of this digital masterpiece.


samsung-sunkissed-windows samsung-where-beauty-comes-to-life samsung-words-behind-the-picture

Classic art and creative thought brought together in a way that stops, for a few precious moments at least, the modern world in its technological tracks.