Pull & Bear, Stand & Stare: Underwater Adventure

Something menacing lurks with intent on the sunshine shopping streets of Europe.



A threatening presence promises to lure in the unsuspecting passer-by, trapping the intrepid traveller in a kingdom of fashion, extracting a toll on credit cards and cash balances. Pull & Bear has gone to town on a sea adventure in its windows that cleverly recreates the “oceans’ deep” with a light touch that combines unwitting mannequins submerged in a sunshine sea, whilst shoals of shimmering fish and the occasional shark swim around their feet.

The window uses a full-width landscape video screen for its animated aquatic antics, drawing shoppers from far and wide to marvel at the maritime magic, and enter unwittingly into Pull & Bear’s fathoms of fashion.


pull-and-bear-underwater-window-shark-attack pull-and-bear-underwater-window-shark-attack-02 pull-and-bear-underwater-window-shoals