Horti-Cultural: The Centre of the Gastro Gardening Universe

Notcutts have embarked on a journey of discovery from languishing local garden centres to regional destinations for the horticultural and gastronomic worlds.

The newly opened Nottingham store features a food extravaganza turning the traditional top soil of garden centre cafes on its head, as it creates serious furrows in the brows of Beefeaters, Harvesters and other nearby eateries.



The concept has taken the cup of tea and daily hotplate, into the arena of “Street Food” introducing into the “sticks” the excitement and exploration found in trendy neck-of-the-woods such as Borough Market and Camden Wharf. In an ingenious hotpot of fusion, French Citroen vans combine with fish and chips, pies and mash with “Cook Au Van” and an array of croissants, cobs and copious cakes, enough to keep the clientele happy till the cows come home.

In the current culture of eating on the go, where every departure from the home is accompanied by several bites to eat, Notcutts and design agency Dalziel+Pow, have elevated this trend from an impulse afterthought into the absolute destination – dining in style amongst the engaging atmosphere of country gardens.

The clever touch is introducing the excitement of the new theatre to a traditional customer, where the pleasant surprise of an elevated atmosphere and dining experience is not cut short and curtailed by the shock of new cuisine.

All the fun of traditional fayre with a generous helping of city street culture.


Notcutts-horti-cultural-the-street-kitchen-fish-and-chips Notcutts-horti-cultural-the-street-kitchen-service-centrepiece Notcutts-horti-cultural-the-street-kitchen-cook-au-van


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