It can’t have escaped many customers that this year marks the John Lewis 150th Anniversary.



In its customary courteous yet engaging way it has communicated effectively through customised bags, exclusive collaborations and a multitude of store events and promotions.

Centre stage literally, stand its “stand-out” anniversary windows, a magnificent understatement in glorious black & white, the backdrop to its colourful stories that span the decades.

A history book unfolds with every step from the dawn of “Ready-to-wear” clothing, the invention & evolution of electrical appliances, through the humble beginning of home furnishing drawing to a million millennium curtain closings. And so into the technological age the narrative unfolds further, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on IT, the internet and e-commerce.

john-lewis-150-anniversary-window-digital-age john-lewis-anniversary-windows-150-years john-lewis-anniversary-windows-hats-off

Omni-channel to all things and all people, many lines read in black and white ensure a bottom one permanently positioned in the black.